Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Fun Sunday!!!!

I am back again, I have managed to finish a few things,mainly because they are for gifts and also I needed the needles for other projects......
The weather is fantastic here today,it was vvvery hot on friday,my day off which I spent going to Kal for a haircut and on top of other jobs, hunting for a new washing machine and stove!
The stove is on sale for $1895 and is a nice big one that I will be able to turn out lots of cakes and bickies for the growing hord of kids. Now I have work out the money for the big sucker and convince DH that it is worth the money.I think I will let him have his fun and and try to bargain the sales lady down to the 20% mark he insisits they can do.I doubt he will have any luck but he relishes this sort of thing.Hes not used to losing either,LOL.The washing Machine a cool $845 and a 7kg ,he didn't argue about that,how to get both is going to be a stretch, a forced yarn budget!I am going full time gardener in April and I am hoping to meet the monetry demand with that.We always seem to fluke things somehow......

Here is the wool from the Kogo (knit one give one) that I found on the Patons site. I will finish these items , a beanie and a scarf and post them back Vic for the group to give to kids in need.
I was surprised that they sent quality wool as originally they suggested yarn that didn't need too much care.
I haven't knit with Totem for years and am rather looking forward to this project.I did notice that Kmart s range of Totem is rather dull and wouldn.t call these colours above Aussie Green and Gold, must check other yarn shops to see this seasons range! Anyhow Kogo have requested the Aussie colours to coincide with the Commonwealth games so will put in effort to complete quickly!
I dicovered that K mart are stocking a bigger range of yarns not just the dreaded A's either,so will grab a couple of balls each time I am in there and keep knitting these beanies for Kogo and hopefully will be able to do extras.I suppose it warms the heart to give a little like that. I will post photos of efforts and the details of Kogo later.
Here are two UFOs done,well baby socks were a quick diversion but the grey ragg wool one is only and I hope the 2nd will be done in the next couple of days.
I absolutely loved doing these baby socks ,quick,very little wool so great for left overs,and a very useful gift.
I bought some alpacca/ wool off Ebay and am hopeing they will also be good sock yarn,sacriledge but there was only 10 balls and I don't think there is enough for a jumper for me!
And really too good to make kids jumpers with.I think the colour was dk blue grey so should be nice!
I was rather surprised to find some bargains at Kmart on friday besides the Totem ,Inca to name afew which were cheaper then elsewhere but they actually had a box of goodies including the Patons Pearl needles going out at $2 to 4 a pair. Apparently they are stocking a differnt brand of Pearl by Birch,not sure what they are like so will get a pair next trip to try. I did find enough yarn to start on the Mothers Day stall scarf stuff,Patons Feathers ,Velverteen at $2.50 and a couple of other yarns that I haven't tried before with missing bands. I know that these are Acrylic but they sell like hot cakes at the Mothers Day stall and are so easy to knit I reackon I could do them in my sleep,LOL......

And here's Ellies socks drying outside ,I washed them quickly in wool wash and soaked in Comfort as they were the Perendale wool that was on special at Cheryls in Boulder,but I didn't realise how coarse they were until I started knitting them.Elly loved the colour so I offered them although they were an experiment and I think I will do another pair later just for her that are softer and nicer! (PS Elly is No 1 sons better half)
These are the food dye ones I did ages ago.I really need a skein winder as I have heaps of Hawthorne Cottage white wool that I want to dye and hand winding off a giant skein is not going to be fun so has put me off.(always another project that is easier to pick up)
Ebay rarely has any and those that pop up, are snapped up for ammounts that I think I might as well buy a new one, direct from Hawthorne.$65 isn't much if I refrain from wool buying for a while!!!!! and I am suppose to be on a yarn diet according to DH.

What do you think of this ,isn't he gorgeous,who ever took this photo did very good job of timing and I had to share it with you.Have a look at for heaps more wonderful piccies of cuteness in abundance.

  • Well I am off again to try to finish list of things to do that I told Rachel earlier and I'm not doing too bad....but I think the quilt will be a promise next weekend!
  • *So far meat loaf cooking
  • *narnnie cake done
  • *washing nearly

*Dh about to go to work

*Kids have pulled out of their Martial arts training tonight,lizard watching more fun especially when you've pinched Mums camera!

*and I am about to mow the lawn that No 1 SON was suppose to... Oh Well

Cheers ........


  1. not very green and gold at all :| i do like knitting with the cleckheaton.. makes you feel like this is what REAL knitters do :P
    love the orange socks :)

  2. I had to laugh reading your comment, I saw the new Totem range in Kal on Friday and that green colour is also in there,I didn't realise that the green in Kogo parcel was actually Cleckheaton as I only looked at the 'Yellow' label of Patons! Weird they must have similiar colour cards, either that or I am going blind!
    The wool itself is donated by The Australian Spinners ,anyone know who they are? I thought they were Patons!

  3. I love Patons Totem, it was about the only 8ply pure wool that existed when I was a kid and was forced into yarn stores with my mum, so that is what I knitted with too.

    The oven sounds a beauty!!!

  4. Cathy, I can't imagine travelling with that many boys in the car. My 28yo husband and his 23yo brother are bad enough (the fart wars are horrid!).
    New stove! Oooooh :-)
    Australian Country Spinners is Patons, Cleckheaton and Panda. They have a website, don't have it handy....

  5. Travelling with a heap of males is not fun,but the kids and I get along really well,but DH is a problem sometimes eg.he insisted on everyone going to the toilet before leaving caravan park as he wpould stop for no one as if 5 kids could do a no 2 on demand!!!!his was a bone of contention all the way over and back,no wonder half his family had problems if you know what I mean!!!!!!!!!!!

    On the other "fart" thing, kids have a thing going at moment where if a person farts they say taxi and everyone else follows with "taxi" and the last to say it has to suck in the fart, how gross is that! I refused to play THAT game