Thursday, March 30, 2006


Well here I am with my WIP post and really I am shocked as I thought I had more ,probably do but DH is on night shift and I can't access my hiding spots!

Here they are!

  • my youngest sons yellow,green and blue socks that are stalled at moment
  • a pink rolled brim hat from homespun wool
  • the first sock in handdyed corredale
  • grey ragg socks
  • pink patonyle fairisle socks that I love!!!!
  • a fluffy scarf ,pink again,the first of a few for the mothers day stall at school,but not the same colour!
  • and a Zivargo throw that is also stalled as I cannot get into the pattern even though I finally understood it after Frogging 4 times......
  • not shown is a maroon Merino and Fur jumper,half way through last sleeve
  • DH dk blue Merino/fur jumper sewing up stage (does that count)
  • dk purple mohair lace tunic ,my design from Bendigo Mills special,worked under $30 for jumper
  • mult coloured blanket for no.3 son
  • blue/grey socks for my Dad
  • lovely rust coloured Country 8ply socks also for my Dad!

Well how does hold up with everyone else's WIP's

I think I have probably the same or more projects yet to be put into" Progress"............

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  1. Phew! You have more than me ;) I thought I had a lot (10). Nice knitting there :)