Sunday, March 05, 2006

Okay ,I have time to show a couple of photos( I hope) .

The purpley scarf at back is a Tufty yarn that cost $25 to try(shhhhhh,DH doesn't know!)

The silvery and pink ones are for the scarf thingys ,Mothers Day Stall at school,

The orangey one is the Zivargo shawl wrap for best friend(its seems a bit loose even though I am using 5.5mm not 6mm as in pattern,

the greeny blue are baby socks for my work partner who is expecting in mid Spring,(I intend a baby blanket from Creative Knitting using cream as main,with purple, dk green and mid blue for stripes),

And the rustic brown red are sock for my Dad(first one).
So I have been busy even if the projects are little boring in colour etc but for a tired brain they are great!

Bady footies,hand dyed with food colouring,free pattern,will find link later!

And here is grey Rag Wool Socks ,love this wool but haven't been able to find anymore!

And the Zirago shawl that is causing head aches but I think I may the pattern sussed now especially after recieving encouragement from a lady on the Derwent forum site where I went thinking Creative Knitting may have stuffed up the pattern!

Well thats it for now I hope by making this entry I may have the mental stimulation for get a haep done so I can show some sort of progress,
To those who made comments on last written post,Thanks for the welcome!!!! and hope that next time I am bidding on Ebay I don't jump on the same items as you do(I might spend too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Cheers Cathy


  1. You have been busy, nice pics of your work.

  2. I have heaps hiding away but am trying to finish these before starting anything else ,but you know what happens,the lure of a new pattern is too much.....

  3. I particularly love the hand dyed wool for the socks - very pretty colours indeed!

  4. Those ragwool socks look great! Hope you find more..and if you do let me know!!hehe...

  5. Will do, theres a Noregian that sells on Ebay that often has some but I am not game to use my Paypal account yet! I usually go to the yarn section, search socks and look in the international sales and every now and then they pop up. Let me know if you decide to get some and I will refrain from bidding,LOL Cheers