Sunday, March 19, 2006

I have recieved the last of my Ebay loot that I won,must restrain from anymore until end of April, unless its needles or patterns, I will allow for that. A nice pile of Flipside>a ch. blankie, Balmoral alpacca> not sure! jumper/cardie for me, and most appreciated of all, patonyle pink patterned sock wool!! Its gorgeous and I have already started!!!!!

I want to get Cheryl at the LWS in Burt st Kalgourlie to hold an ammount of Country Silk but she doesn't think she'll be getting any more orders for a while as BAD publicity for the street has turned a few customers away!!!! Horrible person/s put in complaints that it was not a good place to shop because of the behaviour of the street people.Be buggered if I can see what they are on about, as I have never had any trouble !

Back to Country Silk,My diet doesn't include a layby that is payed after April! But it will be secret womens business as DH is not to know....... But I can't decide which colour! I really like the ruby pinky one but the green appeals as well! If there was a dark rich blue even purple there would be no problem!I am wondering if I could use another pattern to those using this yarn as I don't really like any of those in the book but I will buy the book anyway.KMart acually have the book but not the yarn! I might get the book there but want to buy the wool from Cheryl as she is fanastic and allows layby etc and I would like to sussort her where possible!

I am moving along with a few projects but because I have a few( quite a few actually) going, a row here and there, doesn't account for much movement toward finishing any but I like a bit of variety! A change of colour and needle size is as good as a holiday!
Here is the thick and thin hat that I haven't gotten back to,its very heavy so not sure if I will be able wear it,maybe a gift?

On the dye front there is a bucket of white wool being soaked in vinegar ready for tommorrow when hopefully I can throw it in the dye pot to create what I hope will be stripey socks.
I unwound a huge 500g skein and balled it into 100g balls which I then reskeined into a very long,about two and half metres skein so that when dyed it should yeild stripes. It will be interesting.This technique I saw on a fibre persons blog last week and have hopefully adjusted it to suit 8 ply.If it doesn't work at least I will have half and half coloured socks!!!

This is picture I have picked for a quilt for no4 son,I hope to do this shortly(not going to promise a time here) I already have the yellow and charm squares just need a nice rich blue and I can start!

I have enforced a YARN Diet as I have put myself in debt for a lot of money for a new HUGE oven/stove,(900mm wide) and a 7 kg washing machine from Retrovision and its laybyed so I have be careful. The kids have been coached not ask for money and stress me out but it hasn't stopped them. The oldest wants to go to Esperance for Bike comp this Saturday, and had he worked at Woollies last weekend he might have had a chance by paying for fuel but alas the poor boy didn't! Now it seems another maybe getting into Hockey so we will see how we get along! At least DH didn't chuck a mickey so I should be fine so long as he doesn't decide to spend up too.I think I did well as retrovision only Layby for 30 days and I got 60 days and I am going to try for a couple of extra weeks just to see if I can.I also got away with a smaller deposit too, yippee,though I think They were desperate for sales......................

Any way I did have a heap of links to add today but I have limited time as boys need picking up from school so it will have to wait for another day, and I really have to weed my flower bed,will take pictures to show my efforts!!


  1. Just between you and me I just bought some knitting books on amazon, shhh!
    Boy you sure use some lovely wool, love the little green socks and the pink hat.
    Only 7 more balls of wool to go till I finsh that babies blanket from 'creative knitting' magazine. Hard work, and I think the baby is due in 2 weeks, Yikes.

  2. Hi please post a picture of blanket if you can!!!! as I am hoping to make a similiar one for my working partner who is 12 weeks now.I think I will use the same colours as in Creative Knitting with maybe one colour change as she likes the country look.
    That doesn't sound good about the 'hard work' but I am having trouble with the orange Zivargo wrap that I am doing for another friend,still at row 3 in pattern ,2nd repeat of 4.......I think I have to many other nice ones to play!

  3. You find some hats are too heavy too! I made a hat with 100g of yarn in it (can't say wool) and it gves me a headache from the weight!).
    We want a big stove too. We certainly want better than we have at present...