Saturday, March 04, 2006

Well it could be a record but I thinks it the long weekend as I feel more energetic at least in Posting!
Haven't got long as DH has decreed that I shall be given tutorials on how to learn, to learn to operate a BOBCAT,,,,,,(read that as written,his words).
We have spent all Saturday cleaning up our front yard and I have been told it is perfectly okay to start planting but I want to lay the relic first and also put in a automatic system.

Here he is! digging out the stump of a cotton palm that we cut done 2 years ago!
I wonder why people plant these trees in the ground in a position where they are a right royal pain in the butt. and ugly as.This palm was about 11 metres high and past its "nice"look.

And here is the result of about 6 hours of digging and fiddling around.
Have to go, boys need diesel,and I am the chaufeur, so will be back......................


  1. Love the colours in the baby socks. Brilliant!

  2. I think so too!! Was sitting on the bed watching the news when a little voice whispered that I might have a tiny treasure of wool that could be made into a small gift for my work partner who has announced that a wee person was on the way!
    After going through stash I remembered this wool which was machine washable and not enough for adult socks so was very pleased!