Monday, April 10, 2006

I have had a very busy weekend and haven't done much in the way of anything.No housework,though the washing went through, its still in the baskets so everyone is rifling through them looking for what they need each morning!
Hopefully I will be on top of things this week.DH is on night shift again so there goes my chance for forty winks before getting Dinner ready(I work from 5 to 1.30 pm at School!) and he heads off at 5.15pm so his dinner has to be ready for him to take at 5pm.
He works under ground as a bogger driver but has aspirations to get into Airlegging which is hard work but he theorizes that a couple of years and we can get our heavy debt load under control and start working towards something of a retirement plan. Five kids keep us broke, LOL!
Back to the weekend:
We went to a party on Friday( DH and I) a big family has its advantages as no 1 son had to work on the Saturday Morning so was willing to babysit his brothers,
We went to Kal Saturday, to pay bills and laybuys (at least I got to LWS)
Sunday I had to drive to Kal again for no5 son to attend a birthday party,
Very tired so didn't do anything else!
Though I did manage to soak 8 balls of wool ready for dyeing sometime this week!
Anyway I had to try my new camera out,check out the definition!

Isn't this lovely! Its a Penestemon,Hope I spelt it right! I think this would be my most favourite colour in the plant world!(among many others)And the Clivias are a real surprise as I wasn't sure what they were until they flowered and it was worth the wait! There are a few things that have come to life since I started as gardener ,maybe its my green thumb!On the knitting front,I have started another Kogo Beanie in navy and pink(as you must have guessed, if you read previous entries)
And that Freedom cotton jumper that has turned into a zippered cardie( a sexy one if you go by the picture,hope I don't ruin the image when I finish it LOL...)
Will post piccies of finished things soon(the worst habit I have is leaving socks on two needles as I never have the will or desire to kitchener graft the toes until I am desperate for needles.......


  1. I have the orange flower in my garden and up till now didn't have a clue what it was called. I have to admit to not being a gardener. What sort of camera do you have it takes beautiful pictures.

  2. Hi, I love taking piccies of little things that others probably don't see! Often its the colour or shape that I see and that can lead to lots of photos that are basically not worth keeping but I have fun anyway.
    My new camera is a Kodak Easyshare Z740 that my DHtalked me into buying last Xmas and he rarely gives me anything like this so was quite tickled!!!!!!!!
    He acually tried to get me to go up to a bigger one but my budget mind wasn't going that far!

  3. Beautiful flowers, the penstemon is almost the same colour as alpine harebells :-) Love your socks from your hand-dyed yarn, amazing how the patterns work out like that!