Friday, January 06, 2006

more colours

Well I couldn'd resist and have dyed two balls of white Patonyle I bought off ebay before Christmas.
It took me all of 2 minutes to pick a colour and I will be more adventuristic next time but I wanted to try to make stripes though I was a bit heavy handed and its come out darker than I would have preferred.But its colour that should look great as socks.

It looks better in real life and am going to ball it up try really hard not to start knitting it until the other sock on needles are at least nearly finished( please note the neeaarrllyy in that). I did a sample of the green/blue as pictured in last post and it is fairly uniform and quite pretty.The boys have volunteered to be the sock recipients.

So here they are ,what does everyone think,I was sort of wondering about Candy Cane for name, and an Australian name for the green/blue one ,either Blue Mountain or Billabong! The yellow pink one,maybe Sunset ( or as one Blogger called something similiar "Canary in a Blender") ,I couldn't do that, I'll stick to the nice one!

Ps I noticed my camera is dated 2004 must have pushed the wrong button somewhere,I'll blame the kids.......................................


  1. I like the name Candy Cane, you may just have to buy some more sock needles so you can start!!!

    Here is where I found the pattern for the socks on my blog

  2. Thanks for that, I have done a small swatch already and it looks like it might pool nicely but it depends on the actual number of stitches too,just have to wait and see(must finish Bens socks and I can start!)
    My local wool shop doesn't open for another week I think and it 65km away,with fuel prices high($1.31) DH might get a bit toey if I go for a drive,though I could take the kids to the cinema to see Narnia!!! he loves the movies......

  3. Those colours are fantastic, Cathy. So good of the boys to "help", too. :)

    Sounds like the boys REALLY need to see Narnia in about a week's time.

  4. I have plans for either Wednesday or Thursday for the Movies, but not sure if wool shop,Chezs Crafty will be open.( maybe KMart for needles?)
    We have a pallet of fertiliser arriving at school this week some time, if cyclone Clare doesn't rain us in,so have to work my RDO around that!

  5. looking fab, candy cane is very appropriate