Monday, January 23, 2006

I found a Sky Watcher button and have put it on here (but can't remember where I found it,so to whoever provided this little button,Thankyou)

And here is my sky picture ......well close enough!!!!

Haven't found out how much but was a lot.A huge thunder storm(a spinoff from cyclone) which lasted only 30mins or more ,stopped for a roughly an hour (just in time for my oldest son to get home from work at Woollies) and down it came again!!!! Afew people had water lapping at their doors if not flooding so it was alot in a short time.Wooppee I won't have water the garden for a while,home and school!!!

Speaking of which My boys will be back there at School wednesday week!! Peace for Mum when I knock off work for a couple of hours at least!

Well this the first test of the hand spun pink wool that I was playing with at Christmas! 6.5mm needles and fairly even so am thinking of a roll brim hat which I found on a site that was collecting handknitted items for Mongolian orphans! The post to America would be a bit too high but maybe here in Australia we can find a similiar cause !

So ( another project) from this,

to this,but this is the last photo taken,

These are Ellzs soxs as She liked the colour so I decied she would be the lucky recipient! and so when Elly checks my blog she can see the project in the making!!!!!

And these are my Mums socks made in 101 Tweed yarn I found on Ebay( and I don't care what anyone says, I have found a few bargains) These are a European brand which I haven't seen here but don't ask me as I don't know what I did with the label. The wool has 2% silk and it is a pretty burgundy that doesn't show up here. Anyhow Mum will love them as she had cold feet last winter and I hope to make her and Dad a couple of pairs !This wool is wonderful to knit(8ply so quick) and only on a very hot day did I have to put them down.I have already pestered the nice Ebay lady to list some more!!!!!

Must go, cheers.................

PS Notice the links list,managed to get it to work!!!!! ManyThanks Grace!!!!!!!


  1. love your firey sock yarn!!! so gorgeous! and the pink stuff is turning out well too :)

  2. Your socks are looking great. How does 8ply go for socks, not too thick? Glad you're getting some rain, but perhaps better not to have it all at once. :)

  3. I looooove the tweed socks, I too suffer from cold feet, especially during Tassie winters, and I have a few pairs of 8ply socks for that reason. Your mum won't have cold feet anymore. This time of the year is a great time to pick up some wool bargains off ebay.

    Your own dyed wool looks great, lucky Elly.