Saturday, January 14, 2006


Well I made it to Kal aaaaaaand was allowed 8mins in the wool shop by the 6 mere males with me,really what can a person do in that time.....
very little...... But I did get a get a couple sets of needles (3.25), though still need more 3mm(supplier didn't send,rats) and the Perendale was on special so thought hmmmm, simple socks(and the white for dyeing).
The army green looked really nice in the shop but very military when I got home(secretly think that the Perendale is not as soft as It looks .....possibly why the store owner can't sell alot,but not game to say that in front of DH )
I ve already started the green socks while waiting for DH( definitely BH) outside Plumbers shop............................................

Here is some of the first thick and sort of thin merino that I have been fiddling with,I spent years perfecting smooth even yarn and to suddening get adventurous and be uneven is not easy! Hoping that it will be around 14ply.
This pictured next to a 7mm needle so I will be doing a swatch test after I dye it (mainly because I love playing with colour!
I did try to overdye one but I'm not happy, so will put into my first felt project like slippers but will have to do a bit more to make sure I have enough.

It has character,you just can't see it on the camera!!.....and thats all I will say!

I'm in the process of doing another pink one but I fear it will be slightly more pink(slipped with bottle!)but it will be okay........................


  1. I had a laugh when reading my post After I posted, I meant to say (definitely Not BH) but I guess readers will get what I meant!

  2. good haul for 8 minutes!! and men dont mind scratchy socks.
    you know you can edit the post after you've published?

  3. 8 minutes - what damage would you do with longer? Excellent result. Also love that you started the socks while waiting for the DH in the hardware.:)

  4. I went back in to edit but it wouldn't work and as time has been stretched lately haven't had been able to sit with it, I want add a table of links too,DH is on night shift for next 3 nites might be able to do something then!

  5. Wow 8 minutes, I would hate to see you loose in there for an hour;)

  6. Hi Cathy just popping back to say thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. Also just to say that with all blogs it isn't the bells and whistles it is what the person writes about that makes it special.

    I have bought some Opal from an ebay seller in Germany, she has colours that I can't get here from LYS and even with postage included it costs a little less than what I pay here.