Tuesday, January 10, 2006

fine and sunny

I have just finished work,raking amd more raking at School, but things are looking beautiful.......

This the entry,in front of High School where the office is.We worked on it yesterday while it was still cool and cloudy( we were hoping that cyclone Clare might drop some rain on us but I think it has disappeared below us towards Esperance, so back to watering on friday.....

My darling son has cleared off with the didgie camera so I can't take any photos of my spinning, but I can tell you a bit about it.

I have done about 350g of wool/angora which I think is around 10 ply,(haven't had time to test it yet) and I have designs on the famous clapotis that everyone was crowing about last winter and even though it may be old news I am still facinated by it.

Next off the wheel is some.......well ......lumpy, and its supposed to be, as I love 'Fluffas' hat, so am going to try this wool out both dyeing and whipping up a simple project.Hope that read okay!

I think I have worked out how to put a list of peoples on here as links but as I am pressed for time

  • Rhe Tae Kwon Do, training tonight, two boys and myself are blue belts and hoping to make brown tip,kids won't have a problem but me....lots of work to do there, lol.
  • Have to dry uniforms,see above,
  • Take skein off wheel and start next one,
  • Cook tea
  • Find kids as they have dissappeared into the bush pretending to be budding Harry Butlers

and all this in two hours! Boy am I sore, as we had training last night and it was the advanced class and even though I was told by instructer not to over do it ,I think I might have........

Below is the court in the High school,note beautiful tree is to be cut back(not down) next week,so took picture before its hair cut.

Well thats it, I have to go but hopefully I will have some knitty things next post!!!!!!

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  1. hope you find your boys... :p or maybe i hope you dont (more time to knit..) ;)