Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The last year has been ,well not good,all our dreams are slowly slipping away not out of reach,not entirely but certainly not right there as before, some days I just pretnd its all cool that it will fall into place,that we will soldier on,or even divert for a while.
Going back to work I think soon I hope with the Docs permission that the nerve moving house has worked and most definitley the hand is so much freerer now,the elbow where the ulner nerve has been so rudely interupted still gives me trouble,typing this post gives starp pings and reminds me to take care,the buried stitch in the wrist wound/scare is itchy well the whole darn thing begs for a good old scratch...
I almost envie those who work from home or have children too young to leave but know that what ever the day throws or aims at me at least Im earning an income.
Ok enough of that
look at my yarnz
One more skein to add once I navjo the bobbin,waiting for that parcel from Charley with the brilliant reds and black that I hpe I can meld into pattern,theres only roughly 370 to 400 metres in the coloured lot above including the fourth,I thought id start the top cardie with this lot and gradually bring in the red in ever increasing lines finishing with it at the bottom,might even have enough for longer sleeves!!
We went wood cutting yesty,I took the opportunity to take some pics,some are good some or not so but I enjoyed it...theres spiders at the very bottom but Ill put space in there for anyone not keen on them  ")


and below was this gorgeous creature,do not look if spiders arent your thing

Look at the rain drops on her!! Golden Orb Spider,there were heaps of them,i kept walking into the webs and lots of smaller ones I presume were the daddy ones keeping a safe distance from Mother dearest!

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