Saturday, March 31, 2012

Heres a link to a wonderful person,sending good wishes and prayers  a speedy recovery
Although I dont know her and have only just come across her blog,I feel a connection as we all do when the dreaded "C" invades our world whether it be ourselves or loved ones,I too have five children and while expecting the youngest I made the same discovery as Annie,after months of tears and doctors and seemingly no support it was determined not that thing but rocked my world,since then I ve had three more instances of cause for worry to the point I thought I was becoming a hypocondiac .I see every year as a bonus  and the older the boys become the more they can care for themselves and less I worry about them going without me.Sometimes I find myself nearly hypoventilating,anxiety and all the rest,stress is at the all time high and I think no!! Im well and there are others for which the reality of illness is there,their families and friends impacted,for now find the goodness,strive to live as never before for one day it could be me.

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