Monday, March 19, 2012

Rain rain rain

It hasnt stopped since about 5am yesterday morning,mostly dizzle but some heavier stuff in between,I think we re up to about three inches so far and its cool and damp the sortb that acan make a house a little musty but wonderful for baking and knitting or spinning

I finished plying the SC Enchanted top braid last night,I thinkn theres one more hidden in here some place,I hope to cast on for a vest of some kind very soon,maybe Ill take it with me and knit the nights away while on my trip back East. Abalone is nearly done too,so hope its a good fit!
I wish I had a craft or studio where I cold keep my body form set up for sizing,trying to fit a knitted item up against one self to see if it long enough or the arm is deep enough is funny awkward and totally a waste of time........
Ive got a ball of blue green Tanis Fiber Arts ,merino cashmere fingering at 375yards ,thought this one might work....
PS I managed to edge the garden both front and back too yesty in and between the storms

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  1. Should look very pretty in that colour. Glad you're getting away to see your Mum