Saturday, March 31, 2012

Whats in a name..

Hmmm all my life I had trouble with people automatically writing my first name with a "K",theres so many veriations that its normal to expect to have the spelling confirmed... now I was named after an ancestor on my Dads side and am probably a bit over proud that he thought enough of me as his first born to pick my life time label.
Anyway to carry on I usually tell people the spelling you know the Russian Queen,"Catherine the Great",I was an avid history person and the story of that Queen always fasinated me...theres is also the other great heroine Henry the 8th first wife, Catherine of Aragon,I loved her story too and how she hung on in dignity and pride to die of old age!
With this bit of history lesson stuff Im sometimes a bit alarmed that Im maybe a bit ,I dont know ,"up myself" to refer to a Queen name as a reference of spelling but I then think bugger it,these people probably dont even know who Im talking about,lol
Right spinning,I nearly through the braid of the last SCF,I intend to finish the pink vest to sart of the green one
I finished those greenish socks and by gum more arrived in the "Icehouse" colourway from the lovey Kylie in Cobar,hope I spelt your name right,she came to the rescue with a beaut green blue Lornas Laces stripe sock yarn for that pattern out of the lastest Knitty,not sure if I linked it before but here goes,new project to knit on the flight over to Sydney,now it will be interesting if I can knit on that flight but the security lady on the way home from Perth to Kalgoorlie did confirm yes I could knit in flight,maybe I should ring the locals to make sure or be prepared to lose my needles...

Off mouse ahuntin in the vegie patch
and random stuff
my summer experiment that the bunnies nearly annialated but they grew back and now Im wondering how many spuds I will end up with,I should put more potting mix in to see if I can squeeze a few more but the weather sslowing to cool quickly...whats in there will be used wisely and carefully as Ive never grown them before!

The orange tree is loaded and I hope this time next year the Blood orange will have a couple and the ruby grapefruit will have one or two as well,these are as organic as I can get at the moment!!no sprays and only water goes on them...well may chooky poo in pellet form and agin hopefully this time next year real ones will be scratching around under it.
And the vegie garden at moment,in it today will be more digging and hopfully sugar loaf cabbage,peas,silver beet,beet root and spring onions,after 8 and half hours yesty at work and twos following at teh shop I came home jumped in and put a rough bunny proof fence up and dug a little before the mossies drove me inside,my son,No4 gave a brief help til he too nicked off declaring fencing boring..
Im gradually getting the stuff cleared from this side of yard,Hubbys spare cruiser motor or gear box cant remember is still near the clothesline,the blue tarp in first photo and he still has his pile of timber,jarrah that he has hopes of furnture one day though we plan the chookys new abode there behind the shed and theres still the other half of the patio on the other side near flower beds and I have two more fruit trees to get in as soon as possible but I do have a revived spirit in gardening here as apart from work so Im glad as I was seriously thinking a little extra help have been on the cards
This particular spot Im eyeing off to make a little pretend hidey corner where I can sit and maybe knit with a glass of wine ,imagine a wrought iron chair set,i have to trim the trees back a bit.The Champayne Bottle brush grew faster and bigger than I thought but it flowers almost all year so Im learning to love it more,the birds are visiting more often too,its getting quite busy in the early morning(6am) and late arvo!

Heres Taffy zoned out,a bit worried at first thought she was sick!!
but a scruffin had her awake and a bit peed off methinks

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