Friday, March 16, 2012

Oops forgot a title...

Its been and up and down week but it ended well with a trip to the Rec Centre for a lovely meeting with a equally nice group of ladies to make some cards for Easter,I was so tired I just made two of the four activites,but was just as happy to sit and talk,came home to a messy cluttered house but didnt cry just took my cuppa to bed and finished off this book I picked up on Wednesday.
I vow over the next few weeks Im going to start decluttering house, pass my extra art supplies onto art teacher a school,donate the bit os craft stuff to Home Ec so they can make use of it more than me, and start weeding out craft magazines,thinking of taking a few down to the swap destash pile at Toodyay,also go through my bulging cupboard and see if I can whittle down that area too
The man card isnt finished yet,I have to find my foam stickers to lift the two pieces (the black and stamp bits) and hey,they are very amature but it was still fun,I have far too many hobbies now but stamp and card making is something Id love to do,the machinery and bits to go with this hobby are quite expensive... I have a small collection of stamps and a bit of paper collection and will ad as I go.I dearly would like a few sheep stamps...
Proof of spinning too,trying to get a few UFOs out of the way before the specialist gets a hold of me and also to take on my trip,trying to work out how I can carry my Victoria,camera set up and backpack on the plane,have a sneaking suspicion the spinning wheel wont fit their size thingy...though I just checked and they are popular wheels for plane carry ones!
A wattle bird and a ring neck or "28" parrot in the same tree
Well they usually hate each other!!

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