Saturday, March 31, 2012


Ok I got off my Butt and raced and dug and weeded and aded a second trellis so now I have
  • Fordhook Giant Silver beet,10 plants
  • Melting Mammoth Snow Peas, seeds
  • Sweet peas,Sugar Snap, seeds
  • Sugar Loaf Cabbage,seedlings 10 plants
  • Beetroot (Fairy Seedlings), seedling 10 plants
  • Spring Onions, seedlings, dozs
  • Broadbeans (waiting for Hubby to remember as he has the box of goodies from the Kambalda Seed Savers Group) Seeds
All watered in but too dark for a pics,Im hoping this small plot will help supplement our groceries and with fresh is best and the harvesting comes personal satisfaction,If I can look after these and the plot,it'll be ready to start a summer garden too,imagining corn,tomatoes ,lazy house wife beans,zucchini and cucumbers and Ill see if I can fit in a couple of stone fruit,apricots,plums or Alberta Peach but have to be careful of space as theres need for pollinators...

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  1. Hi Cathie,

    I commented last night but it doesn't seem to have gone through. Your garden and all the veges sounds lovely. I remember Dad picking and then we'd be eating it 30 minutes later.

    As to names...I've always associated Catherine with a "C" and Kathleen with a "K".