Friday, March 23, 2012

Off for 4 days

Got up early yesty on my monthly RDO transfered from last Friday and had big plans to bi og out certain areas of the house,then I just went down hill with something akin to severe hayfever or a fluey type thing,Im right into the Nyal Sinus and the Cold and Flu tablets the  herbal ones and they seem to work much better than the medicated stuff that seems to make me sky high.The good old Liquid Sudifed for Children was the best one out til the druggos got it and made impossible for us poor souls to have it for medical reasons,the tablets make me ill even though it was the same constituents...anyway im still feeling down energy wise and just want to sleep.I got a bit done though and tomorrow Ill do the vegie garden and plant some new winter stuff next wednesday. Thinking broccolli,peas, beetroot,carrots and parships,broadbeans,Im at least a month behind but the weathers been so dry and with my long hours I just coudnt get to it
My garden
Disgusting considering I had heaps of flowers and pretty things before I started work! Anyway son 3 dug it up this summer then Hubby decided to add  his bit but both let the lawn get rightinto it,took me two hours to cut it down and  pull out a much as  I could
Spinning front,Im endevouring to get the last of this SC top finished so I can wash this lot and I found another one tucked in the cupboard the Ill do another of Charleis bunny tops that I found,its rainbow which I want to ply with some turquoise top,I should get enough for a wrap or top down of some sort
Kitting I did the ribbing for the pink vest but until I see it on Ill reserve my opinion whether to redo front and lower the V,it is quite high and measurement are pretty close...anyhow Im kitchener stitching the shoulders of Abalone tonight and trying it on before I pick up and do the arms and neck. Then I hope get Atelier out and make some progress there too,rehomed some gorgeous Malabrigo in Smke that arrived today which I need another 5 I think to do another Atelier,love the casual style of that sweater cardigan,well I do at the moment,Ill be firmer on that when I finish the Envy one from Skein!!
This lot Im thinking of a shawl pattern that I down loaded last night but forgotten the name of,rich colours

Heres another........

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