Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday, thank God

Here I sit,hopefully a reprieve and the shop can run without me tonight,I think Im either developing my sons bug that kept him home last week for 4 days or a bad case of hayfever,bugger,have to get up early tomorrow too as I couldnt get to town for a hair cut this week, had to take an 8am appointment in the morning,that means up at 6.30 and on the road at at least 7.10 to make in time,and hopefully without being sick and enough time to grab a coffee before I get to the hairdressers...
One positive,Im half way up the shoulders on the Jo Sharp Ultra Vest,shouild in theory have it done tonigh but I cant see that happening,I also started the second green sock AND am nearly finished the first ball of some handspun for the Abalone Vest
Look at much yarn I have left,thats the best thing about Charleys angorino top,its weightless and goes forever.was supposed to be about 180 metres in that ball,I wish I could remember what its name was.This super light and quishy! I have other colours in the stash so theyll be on the hit list this winter.
I frogged this once,it looked like being huge,now Ive measured it(all I did was cast on small size rather than medium,and knit tighter on the 5.5mm needles at a tension of 16 sts per 10cm,the pattern called for 13) and its on par with the small size and although I tend to knit longer in the body with vests etc this time Ive stuck with the design as I thought being the elements of which attracted me Ill give it a crack,even if I dont like it it will be a great weekend top at home over a turtle neck.Valley yarns,Sugar Loaf,48% synthetic microfibre,had to put the nasty first but 52% merino,its soft and drapey so if I dont knit a cowl with the left overs Ill destash on Ravely,wish Id picked a different colour,maybe blue or deep red...
Look what the neighbours are sharing over the fence
 and even better look what on my Brown Turkey fig tree has....had to show DH what a fig flower was heheh!
Oh and a quick pic of green socks to refresh memory,such a pretty colour!

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