Friday, March 09, 2012

Hmm missed a few days, me thinks

What a week,I spent most in a dream, tired and run down and panicking at our future,still aiming to get back to see my Mum,really hoping I can cause I want to see them all and spend time in female company,I haven t had much time with Mum as an adult,she still treats me like most Mums I suppose that I dont know what Im doing,lol a week should help us get along as two girls not one over the other
Im nearly done with Abalone,pics tomorrow when I have light,Im nearly done with second Lorna sock and Ive done with main body of vest just need to sew shoulders and ribbing on arms and neck,so hoping it will fit...
Found a beaut online shop to buy some fabric too,silk cotton voile style at $11 and fine linen all in white for $10 approx at 150m a metres,I want need, will have a white upmarket shirt,a classic style so I can have a choice of classy or formal choice. Oh the shop is Rathdowne Fabrics Remnants,might look at some fine wool from later for a pair of pants...
Just a little Velvet Gecko,a pretty good close up from my new phone!

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