Saturday, March 03, 2012

Sunday long Weekend in March

Well i did get called to shop on Friday the girls were having a bit of trouble catching up and I did come down with a bug that appears to have gone away and left a mild sense of unwell and a touchy nose,Id like to think it was the zinc tablets I got into, 2 twice a day plus these natural things with Horseradish 2mg,Elderflower 2mg and White willow 1mg from Ethical Nutrients,very similiar to the Nyall Sinus relief. ZRoughly teh same ingredients as well, This morning I got the vitamins outs with more of the herbal stuff and tonight its zinc again,dont mix zinc and multivitamins as theres been a suggestion that together they can speed up senile dementia,forgetfulness etc
I made inroads into my very disgusting house,cobwebs everywhere and general clutter,i actually threw out some yarn today just a few balls of stuff I found at the op shop ages ago... i did repack the Twilleys Freedom denim half finished back for a cardigan started about 5 years ago,(my hands were blue after knitting with it)Im getting through a few UFOs simply due to study being on hold.Today im going trough Youtube for sock machine instructions and having a concerted effort at learning the Autoknitter (mines only a plain black one but it gives a clear idea of what it looks like ,oh and I havent got a stand yet either),if I can get it underw ay it ll put probably at least 120lites of sock yarn into my drawers and out of storage,most of it is Opal and that not very nice to knit,cashmere like Casbah  from Handmaiden has me spoilt now,still have afew left but dont know what to cast on for yet,one has faults in the dye so it will be sockies but the spare will be a cowl,just have to find the just right pattern..
Managed to get to the hair dresser yesty and got a shock at the cost,Ill be doing my own before long,lol,but Im happy with the colour and cut.
This is where I rather be today, this weekend....

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