Sunday, January 20, 2013

Knitting pics

Ok it was a bright morning so took the opportunity to gather some photos,thinks Ive posted at least one before but here goes
Shropshire on left, Churro on right

The months spinning effort ,well most of them

Batts from Etsy all done,think Honey cowl

 From last weeks update from IXchel Fibre,destined to be a thank you gift
Embarrassment,my hidey hole, there's the latest acquisitions pus spinning and odds and ends,its also my study area,its amazing I can think while there

Coopworth roving spun with glitter and tufts of black alpaca roving to add interest,this will be a knitted or crocheted bag for my new windows pad if I get one
Other than that Im busy painting bits for assignment
Not finished but I can sit back and look for a few weeks.


  1. I am in awe two ways: spinning and painting. I went to watercolour painting classes and the only think I can paint at all is fruit. Sometimes. My teapot looked like Mickey Mouse. Your painting is beautiful!!

  2. Nice colours for spinning and such a nice painting.

  3. Oh gee thank you!!I love playing, apparently the local art shop could fill my day if I could teach locally as theres a lot of demand,however I don't that amount of confidence!

  4. There is a huge satisfaction from teaching the creative arts. The students provide the confidence...they will be in awe of your skills, you would be surprised. I say go for it!