Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oh Lovely rain

The rain band has finally arrived here from the cyclone up the coast,this is well worth waiting for though its gone from 46 degrees on Wednesday to cool enough for track pants and sweater,great knitting weather. Im am so tired though,have had to get out at normal work times to go and unlock school for tradies,no one told me this til yesterday afternoon and the fella himself actually siad they were contracted to work ten days straight,WHAT??????? everyone else is off enjoying holidays and Im stuck babysitting..well at least it quiet.

  • On the knitting front Im on the way with body of Featherweight(will try to get a photo
  • Spinning,just finished chain plying some,hmm, thats it Coopworth sliver from Mosley Park,this was part of a Christmas parcel for 2011,in Atlantic Blue I think,a bit hard to spin but again although is quite strong its softish on the hands,Im spinning this 150 gram skein with tuft of black alpaca roving and silver blue glitterati Im very happy with it and am sort of thinking either a Window Tablet bag when I eventually get one or a newsboy cap (Camden Hat by Woolly Wormhead?),either will be good
  • Havent done any ore art work but will be doing a few things tomorrow to add to Portfolio
I have no new pics but will try to rectify very soon,all this rain and it was just too wet to get it out,the creeks through town are running so am hoping it keeps up over night so when unlocking in morning Ill go for a walk!
The new Quilts all cut out,the remaining prints will be 1 1/2 inch strips shortly,really hoping theres enough material other wise Ill have to stash dive and break open the packs I have put away for a country table cloth I want to do,been collecting for years for that one,all greens browns yellows and a few blues that I remember with plaids scattered through,must pull it out and have a look see if theres enough to start cutting.Today is really the last day I have to play as the long weekend wont be available to get a finish up on that portfolio..Im off to weight a ball to see if Ive gotten to half way point,hmm Bunny Mink!

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