Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rains gone and heats back

My day today was long,started at 6,blowed as much as I could nearly two tanks of fuel,then mowed enough to fill three over flowing wheely bins,then more quiet garden stuff,my clothes were drenched,the humidity was unreal. I think it was up to around 40 to 42 by feel, the water out of the tap was tepid so no cool shower when I made it home at 5pm.
Spinning.. Im working on second bobbin of sparkly coopworth,the black alpaca adds interest.
Sewing.. Im over half way into sewing the blocks together for son no 2 Quilt,
Pics when I have the energy to set it up.
It looks like Mr Willy Wag Tail is a lonely soul,no sign of Mrs W. and hes very outspoken calling all morning.Il see if I can catch a photo of him tomorrow morning.
A pic of my Birthhome.New owners have removed the old garden but left the gross palms my father insisted planting. The tall one I think is gone too,I remember the stories from older people who remember jumping over it as children.So sad.

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  1. Seems like your weather is nearly the same as us at the moment heating up to back in the 40s on Friday, so glad we had good rain last Sunday and only mid 20s yesterday