Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Hot so hot!

These last three days have been terrible,I worked out in for as long as I could but in reality I was developing heat exhaustion so spent a little break here and there inside where the cooler air helped,Im nearly up to scratch work wise and later this week have to edge and mow everything again,at least theres lawn to mow now,,
I have a new birdie in the grounds too well there's really two,little honey suckers that twitter and chase each other through the gum tree branches,I cant get a video or even a photo they so quick,the other on is wha appears to be a lonly willy wag tail,he spends all day singing  and flitting here and there,sought of hoping his mate is sitting on a cob web bound nest up there somewhere

from this site  which a delightful account of willys in the garden,i grew up with them and to have one at my work place is wonderful,I have one at home too and to hear the chatter in the trees in my garden now that they have matured so high is simply beautiful
AND today Im sure I heard a budgie,theres been one before who had escape from the cage somewhere,white so he wouldnt have survived,there are green ones around here but thought it was a  bit late in the season
This a lovely site too,I dont believe in birds in cages and see them free is simply wonderful
Ive gotten to the divide point on Featherweight and if I can get a couple rows done tomorrow in the cool I ll set up for sleeves and body
Ive finished that wonderful colourful gold and purple batt,will wash soon and I think the honey cowl will be the pattern
Zilch but will be cutting out son no 2 quilt Friday I think depending on how I feel

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  1. Love Willy Wagtails, such characters, hope he hasn't lost his mate, they do fret. Forecast over 40 here for next few days, silly I get so cold at work in the air-conditioning, go outside to warm up.