Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Years Day 2013

Well its the start of a New Year,tomorrow will see what I will decide for the next few years,though I dont think I have a choice debt wise,buying a car usually means havin gto pay for it and having three sons in HC with in Private theres debt there too. Itll work out,I just need to concentrate on study
Painting No 1
I have a renewed interest in my home and garden though feel terribly sad this year as No2 is talking about leaving home,it means moving rooms around and youngest has his own,but the emptiness leaft by those moving out is indescribable. When no 3 eventually goes in prob two years Ill be finished my heavy study and maybe I be more accustomed to the emptying nest,and also it will mean I will then have a sewing study room too.
The heat of this last week has been unbearable at work and thank heavens Ive been able to access a cooler area,I dread the start of school where Ill be trapped outside,its this reason Ive hoarding my holidays,sick leave etc,when it gets too much I can resort to having a day off,and now I also have to be diplomatic as DH wants me to take leave and use up precious days for his time out.

Migraines has become my second best friend,well I call them that, a constant pain on the left side somewhere behind my eye,have glasses,try ti sit properly but have to use heavy pain relief at least twice a day,limit where I can as they give me tummy issues other wise. I think I need to search for anther good doctor
Yesterday being the NYE night I gave myself the fun thing of spinning that gorgeous orange purpley batt I bought a while ago to spin on Christmas day,Ive got one batt done ,on one bobbin so I hope there's enough to make a slouchy hat
Hmm Im off to find those pills again and  a nice cup of tea...
PS the above are the works I have to date,not sure what direction I will take as Im waiting eagerly for supplies to do mixed media.

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