Saturday, December 29, 2012


They are really out in force today,I love them,it means its warm,its summer,its quiet enough to hear them,mind you these are the little ones ,not the ear deafening ones on the coastal areas,I remember looking at them as a small child ,the cases left on the trees I mean,there was always heaps on the trunks during the floods,they must have climbed up quick as the waters used to rise very quickly..
I had one in the kitchen last week,at night making a racket, the dog was going spare so I rescued it and transplanted him outside, now that was a relief...
Im trying gallantly to get some work done,I sketched two pieces last night with a this to do shortly,I really don't wan to "ruin" them even though I know I could do a better job if i had to do them again,I want to add a touch of water color and maybe think about framing them,Ill keep writing this post through the day and will add a pic or two later if I dont bugger them up,also on the agenda is three works using texture paste. The theme is Shadows and Reflections,so open for interpretation, Intervention is the over topic. Im so used being told how to do something that Im finding it hard to actually do "my own  thing",it flutters there just on the edge of my sub conscience,I can see it but can get there.
Knitting Im making progress on the Featherweight,quite happy with it,Im doing small size up to the arm divide where I will measure and maybe go to the next one as my shoulders are narrow but physical work and age has given me thicker forearms,something I noticed with horror one day looking another lady at work,I raced to the mirror when i got home but at that stage I wasn't too bad,three months of super light duties however have taken a toll, that's why Im careful how I dress and only in extreme heat wear short sleeves,very conscience about that scar too.
The Leftie has been sitting idle but may spend a bit of time out on it today, I've memorized the pattern which is very easy once grasped..
Spinning,Im down to the last 6 inches of top with tat pink merino silk,its destined for this,Rustling Leaves Beret
This is an interesting blog to BTW
I also down loaded NorthShore yesty,free on offer from this lovely designer and I think when I do get to knitting it Ill go with the Tannis Fibre Arts yarn,If i get three natural, dye them for the multi CC, buying the main colour is affordable,cause I love that main colour and doubt I could imitate it. Of course I could do it in Serenade from Bendigo Mills too
Sewing sewing sewing...I ve gotten those three tops to the over locker stage,Im happy with them so far though will remake the ties for one top as I did it narrower than first and its rather stiff,the white embroidered cheese cloth,feels a bit big but Ill adjust it a little when I try on for first time,goal today is to get over locker out and oil etc,finish those edges,this week Ill do the heap of jeans Ive bought over the last two year so I can wear them this autumn..Ive also looked at and shortlisted Son number 3 quilt,just need him to ok, Sweetwater by Mumma Said Sew

Image from Site
And Im thinking I like this Quilt from Moda Bake

Taken from (for copy right reasons)
I love this... and this one has me in too but with more boy colorful
DSC_0528  (copy right again) this site is so awesome,Ive already picked out next year Christmas projects,Im always picking up fat quarters in the pretext of making sock knitting project bags but there are so many designs here that re just fun and practical as well..
Im looking forward to A. my trip to Perth in amonth or so, and B driving to  East to see my Family with both trips meaning visits to Spotlight and sewing/knitting shops
this is on my list

I found an interesting version here where this lovely Sewer added bra cups,LOVE this idea and I may follow it up!

Please have a look,its a worthy sewing idea!
And in my persuing this morning found this blog,it has a couple very nice references to a pattern or two Im adding to list
ZEdited to add ,adding this one too so I dont lose the pattern number,i could really wear this one,well at home then,Ive got two two tops I bought at a sale last Summer at the warehouse joint in Fremantle Markets,cool and loose flowing tops,from a jeans shop,forget the mane but a common one.

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