Saturday, December 08, 2012

Two weeks

To the End of term and finally peace, unfortunately I dont or wont have the peace I had last year but better than nothing I suppose.
Everyone's talking where they are going and how there's no work for 6 weeks, that's the down fall of my job,and like many others too,Christmas Day,Boxing Day and New Years Day,its not really Christmas at all really,Ive had to rush and buy bits here an there and I doubt Ill get the things done I wanted,Ill pull a few days off later in January to catch up here tough that will most likely be study(painting)
Im still knitting,doing very well at a secret squirrel piece which is delightful,pics later, Ive added to stash with a Lacegarn skein in the beautiful  Hertzblut destined to be a feather weight cardigan ,a lovely Lady destashed a skein of natural and a Sckandel, not sure if thats correct spelling but its the raspberry white and black mix,it will become Leftie and I won an bag(mini) of Gemisch off Wollmeise update this morning,worked out about $48 for two surprise skeins,exciting to wait to see what they will be,Ialso have a offer of a lace kit too,beautiful peoples who dont realise how they saved my week. I ve been feeling down again,Im sick of my job,the gardens are lovely to work in but the constant thoughtlessness of others who think  they are up the ladder,well it will fall like so many others, nepotism only works so far dear peoples,I hope for your sake the fall is gentle,me ?? I cant fall any lower. Been told of a spot out further where the roster is week on,week off, God that would be so much better than at this place. Better money and although working in that part will have dangers I havent had to deal with at least Im earning more.
The Farm dream is dying,but on the bright side Im  getting a chook house early next year,picking which chookies will be fun. I found this ! A local lady already has one and is very happy with it,it will cost $300 frieght but have dropped hints for the boyz to help in place of a birthday present.

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On the home front...........
Blood oranges.

 Taffy came to say hello
 And rewarded by a silverbeat leaf

 a Truss of tomatoes with water melon decoration
And other clrean up soon to get my quiet corner back

The vegie garden,its not all weeds,lol

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