Thursday, December 27, 2012

Works sucks at 42 + degrees

Back at work,sook cry,it was hot but I did find a cool spot and having a nice person to work with makes a difference,i love his Mums company too,she cam down for a coffee and chat,very nice actually to have a chat ,we swapped notes on where we lived and veiw points,I find her company fascinating being a born Catholic though not a practicing one,shes Mormon,very interesting.
Im scared "bout the next trip to surgery but Ill wait for outcome,wish an inside job would appear,being an underground truckie would be ideal
Anyway I found time to do some seeing,my ideas for art works depends on receiving more supplies so relaxed in fro n of machine for an hour
Easy McCalls 2608

From this blog who has a few of the ones I have in stash
 I cut and sewed up to point of needing overlocker and still have this below one to work on in white cheese coth fabric with wide and narrow crocheted lace inserts,I ve had this fabric for a few years actually bought at the Bernina shop in Kal just before it shut, the above will be 3/4 sleeves in Japanese lawn i picked up at Spotlight Dubbo,there was a cherry flower one I wanted but at$17/m I had to watch the pennies as well as the fact I didnt know if I could wear them,mood wise lol

McCall's Sewing Pattern 4031 Misses Size 4-14 Pullover Loose Fitting Peasant Style Tops
From here..
They are classed as vintage,WHAT!!!! I ve only had them for about 5 years...Mine will look like "Look" A
 These two blogs look like good reading
and  (just reposting from above)
 And I would like to make time to cut out my second eldest sons quilt I recieved the fabric pack for just before Christmas, Birch Bark Lodge, this is the shop I got it from, looks very nice for a young mans quilt
Heres a link to pattern
Oh and this one looks really good too,saved my butt today for the gel I need to transfer images for my works

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