Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Man in Red

Is nearly here
Im starting to feel the anticipation,though the 40 plus heat is knocking me flying this year,must be getting old.
Taking the two younger boys into Kal today for them to see its actualy Christmas not a few lucky days out of school,I m off to see a Doctor about a strange if not scary black spot on my forehead,trying not to think about it,heaven know who Ill get to see,the two local doctors left here last week and my lady Doctor has left Kal and that surgery is closing in January. Im moving my stuff to the Boulder Practise where these two Doctors also worked. Its going to be an expensive day methinks,Ive got a few things to buy for Christmas Day,last minute shopping but although pay came in yesty,I have car payments and insurance next week.Hmm
Anyhow this arrived
This was sent by one our Art Group,we did a swap around this like last time,its been a great success and look forward to doing it again next year,
Its quite heavy and Donna used used texture paste to give it "bite",adore the colours
Theres a personal area touch with the leaves being imprints of a tree she had growing there,love it,I think Ill record this years efforts and use them as inspirations for next time.
Im on a roll with projects,started a linen st scarf, last night only to pull it back this morning,going to have to use a long tail cast on,it was too loopie with two method
also want to start leftie with this and some naturalle
On top of this Ive started a length wise scarf in the multi coloured merino silk (sample Packs) plied with a bobbin of Cormo,I think I have around 400 odd sts,I didnt count,roughly guessed after froggin it earlier,two needle cast on left the edge loopy so went back and did it again with the thubm and one needle,a lot firmer but boy it takes ages to knit one row and every second st is slipped,Linen st has a wonderful texture that in the end is worth it
Balled up more today
 These are massive skeins,Im going to do a vest, Kiss of the North and I think there ll be enough for two!!
And natur of course
I had a sort of nasty report at Doc too so have to do some serious thinking of future re job etc,that rabbit job may be the best option,if I can get in the door, quite sick of stuff poking ugly head up when least wanted.

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