Thursday, February 24, 2011

A New Year

This year started in a such a sad way,Im feeling better now and I think the grief I feel is gradually being buried enough for me to continue without that aweful sense of guilt that I should have done more and the questions that come after the loss of someone close. To make things harder for my Mum rather than me but it still upset me,she just lost her only companion,her kelpie,Jess.She is thought to have chewed one too many poisioned mice despite Mums efforts to get rid of them and watch Jess etc, she was just too good at hunting them out in the gardens.Sadly the good side of this is that Mum can take a trip away now and not have any animals to worry about and when and if she moves the worry of taking a bush animal into town to live.I still have all my photos on the lap top but heres a couple from home..

The old store room and two of the boys trying to catch a yabby on the edge of the river that was nearly fully flooded about 3 days before Mum was cut off and two days before we left.

Study is wearing me out and now embarking on another set of units ,one form Curtin and one from Macquarie,the latter is the most confusing site ive had the peasure of dealing with but I will survive this time like the others with the wonderful community that we students are developing,Im not alone in my confusion....
One of my latest efforst not finished but Im drawn to it for the colour I think,the second is another what Id term contraversial piece

Got to love comtempory I welcome any critical comment,nie of course,LOL
Knitting ,havent done much but have a  couple of projects lined for that wonderful annual pilgramadge,the Toodyay Retreat in June.
I indulged in 4 beautiful skeins from SKEIN on Etsy,Envy,lovely blue green 50% merino and 50% silk,its a dream,soft silky,it looks like its going to be treat to work with. Im hoping to knit the interesting patern called Atelier by Pipibird
Im also spinning up a big batt from Ixchel fibres,a gorgeous mix of charcoal bronze gitteraty and silk,churro bunny and heaps of other yummies,Im navjo plying,have one big bobbin done so far with enough for two more and eventaully will be making that interesting swaeter that is either top down like the Garter st cardigan or the bottom like that on Knitty, King of Confidence   I have managed to find someone who was destashing 4 balls of beautiful Bendigo Alpaca,8 ply but Ill work my way around it.The bottom up will ensure that the neck line is small enough too so I dont have something that hangs off my shoulders like the garter st one Im nearly finish in Noro that I started last year,it seems to be awefully loose but I love the colour!!! Pics when done
 This the BIG batt that Charley sent!!!For the above project,it was huge,Ive done about 30% i think,simply undescribable,I try not to visit on Fridays when she has her updates

Ive also some very nice bunny fluff and BFL mix in gold and grey that I spun some time ago,it was destsined for the same pattern but am waiting to find the right yarn that is super soft to go with it.
Isnt funny how you get al excited about a project and then something catches the eye and off you go,well I do,in a diffeent direction and by the time Ive come back to that same project I cant remember where the pattern is,Ive made the mistake of trying to buy a pattern again on Ravelry to find Id already done so months before,dah!!!
Im not afraid to navajo ply my spinning now as I dont fuss if I dont get enougn yardage,they make great samll project yarns or additions as in the above cardigan
I also have a new little friend in the house,I present,Taffy...Taffy by name,Toffy by nature!

And another one or two...

Yes she is hog,Fluffa knows to run for the tucker when I call,LOL

Oh Fluffa was shorn again,like his wardrobe??

They skun him a bit this time so Im investing in a set of animal clippers this year..
Im home sick with broncitus again with two sick boys so I can afford a bit of time out of study for today so am using it to unwind a bit..
Ta til next time

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