Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter saturday

The grocery store was quieter this morning,a lot and I mean a lot of people have headed to the coast or to Perth for this break,I dont know if everyone's got the Good Friday through to Tuesday off but the schools have here locally,Bens Catholic College has for religious reasons but the Public ones have been given it to replace the day usually given of for the Kal Fair...
Me,well il not feeling on top as there's a nasty bug lingering in the house,seems like a cold but glandular fever is around and Im feeling as though Im just holding off something,been like it for four days,dragging feet,no enthusiasm  I also think my consumption of the Nyall Cold and Flu Fighter tablets might also have an effect,they do work and normally without that awful feeling that accompanies the usual chemical flu fighters.
The Bike ride has been put off til Monday as firend hubby will be home to watch their progeny,Im thinking I wont make it due to this bug,hopefully I can fight it off but I also have to fly to Perth on Wednesday for a hull dash test whatsit on hand,the insurance people are not being very nice but at least theyve given me the flight times I requested,I just hope I make the return flight.
Management aren't particularly interested either.even the new boss who did say he wanted to discuss how I was going etc hasn't broached the topic since that comment,its just been me and my GP and as hes left town and there's no Doctors here now its just me,myself and I.
The operation at this stage hasn't really worked and am left with an aching elbow and a stiff wrist that has shooting pain occasionally,I have a very high pain barrier and this nearly floors me,Ive told the Specialist that as long as he could fix me up to ride a Yamaha 660 across the Nullabor Ill be happy, soo comes the question if the test comes back to his satisfaction but not mine,do I sign off and hope for best??
No picks to day,most of my SD cards are either full or damaged but I did pick up a new 4 GB at Woollies today for $6 so maybe later I will do something..
Beautiful weather today and I think its the nicest time of the year,I love my jeans and the longer sleeves I like to wear especially with my scared arm,the need for a scar is not there really yet but the wool socks get an outing. Knitting and spinning at this time of the year is very enjoyable too.
Edited to add pics,got my lazy butt and got the new SD card out of packet
 Something Tuscan
got to love new brushes,these Ive found on various trips over last month

 Son inspecting new Suki

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