Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A very Autumn day

Heavens its cool today,there what I call Esperance fog drifting over us and its a bit misty,the two bunnies in residence are sitting on the back lawn pretending its warm and sunny..Fluffas got the Pose,while Taffys keeping a sharp lookout

Its just started coming in heavy mist,the two of them are still pretending its sunny and their furr is covered in beads of moisture,funny buggers!! Fluffas lost his eye and Im worried he wont see danger coming as he is quite non pussed about things around him ,very sedate bunny,Taffy is on the other hand very flighty,takes a bit of coaxing to get her inside at night,usually round and round the truck a few times before she gives up!At least she takes notice of stuff!
Took a peak at the latest IKs last night,nothing really grabs me ,maybe this one,Amelia Hoodie though I do love this hat Cats Eye Tam,love the name!
Im home today,more crappy stuff happening but I ll be able to use the rest of time to complete an assignment ,What is White? are you White? Why Not? etc.Last kids off to scholl and a minute so Ill have acouple of hours to myself,boy its cold,may have to go look for uggies..Hockey again tonight so Ill be wearing them then for sure!

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  1. Gorgeous Bunnies.

    Agree with you totally on IK , disappointing when you can get through it in 10 minutes, cause nothing much catches your eye.Very chilly here too... two light frosts this week