Sunday, May 22, 2011

Late time

Here I sit waiting for a movie to download so I can add it to my assignment and then when I do that drop it off at Curtins Droppy Boxy thingy
I would have done this earlier this evening accept it was enforced in a horrible way by another student about copy right etc,I understand that issue but I read the tutor advising another student jsut make sure everythings credited properly,anyway to be on the safe side I redid my little animation movies ,all three and reloaded onto Vimeo,trouble it takes half an hour to upload and then nearly an hour before its availble to check over times three
I have anasty feling Ive picked up a tummy bug thats floating over town at present,lets see how I go tomorrow
Anyway i was a bit shocked at this person having a crack at me for jumpig to attention and changing my work,it was good of her to clarify everything but really had I chose not to follow that instead of my interpretation of turtors posts then thats my buiness.The other students mad tem selves scarce too,she was still ranking at 11pm,nearly told her to go to bed! Oh and then she came back and had another crack at me after I posted on Uni site asking for advise jeez....
Bloody hell,anyway movie should be right to go now
 Too Ra!

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