Monday, May 30, 2011


Ok here we go again,SP2 has started and tonight Im going onto the Griffith Uni site to set my account up and find myself around,Macquarrie I didnt like at all but hopefully Ill scrape through with a pass like with the first two assignments.Just couldnt get my head around the theory stuff to "talk" well enough in my least its set me up to understand Gen 101 whih is also theory based
Anyhow looking forward to this weekend,Tooyay Retreat,have my main knitted item nearly done,will knit pockets to body tonight and sew ends in tomorrow on second cardigan,wash car and pack bits in my UFO box,have to work shop on Thursday to give DH a chance to change oil and grease essential bits on Cruiser,the fuel chewer but cant take the car as its needing some TLC that we cant do at moment
Took yougest of brood for his school interveiw today,all good it looks like he ll have a place next year,such a relief,hopefully he ll see his full potential there!
Heres a pcs from late last year, a street in Perth with my name and the other DH s name.We thought it may ahve been a goodluck sign!More pics,old ones but i wanted to put something up tonight,first is a back entry veiw of Dunlop with a ferocious storm coming,see the heavy rain falling?
 This is the Darling River Lilly well thats what I called them ,the bulbs were massive and they got bigger the older the plant,each year it would pull itself lower into the ground by moving its storage  sectioninto one of its fleshy roots, I dug one up in the 80s after rain and it was flat to fit into a household bucket,like all lillies the flowers are over powering in smell,sweet and heady.This last photo is a field of them in a spot on on my old Home,"Delta" where I grew up,I shed a lot of tears going back for when my Mum leaves there I dont have a reason to go back there anymore.

Dunlop Shearing Shed,held 800 odd wethers and up to 1300 odd weaners.The smell of old wool and lanolan.
lastly a quick snap I took of the Nullabour road house looking out at the approaching rain,ging through it was not so fun as I was aquapaning and nearly run off the raod,Im very proud of my self there,I drove from Cobar to Kambalda on my own with four sons,they were well behaved and the bestest bys a Mum could wish for,Im going back soon with Son no1 to see Dunlop go,looking forawrd to the drive not the rest,yep feeling melacholly tonight...

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