Thursday, June 09, 2011

Bitterly cold

It is freezing here at moment,straight off the artic it feels, but no snow of course,I struggled through work today,offsiders been reallocated elsewhere for a few days so worked around different parts not that theres much to do as we done everything earlier and it had rained.
Got bad news on one assignment last night and no I aint repeating it,I didnt like it at all,may do an internet based one early next year if I can to make up for this one.Theres a mix up in the other one,the tutor awarded me Very Good on all parts and marked it at 35/50 which Im sure is 75% but she put it through on main sheet as a mere 35%,emailed her to confirm and hoping she just messed up as I dont want to do it again either,want to do something different, I got 60% for 1st assignment and 77 for second not sure ehwere it leaves me.
Anyhow I had a huge ball at Toodyay for the retreat and will add pics down below,the weather ws cold enough to show off new knits and enjoy knitting new ones,I finished one 5 year old UFO and nearly second one but started 4 others ,LOL I also added 4 more skeins to cashbah stash and a skein of  Trail sock which I cant wait to attack,must finish at least two UFOs and do some seriuous study first

Me and my BF,we talked each others heads off!

Inside the main market/ work room...the mittenes were the Retreats pattern for this year
Spindling workshop, market night,we all hang out for this part!

One project I started,this was spun on a spindle,the top an old club from EGMTKs,fine merino in Old Jeans
and this is the Mosley Park yarn I spun from a Christmas Club I think about 2009,lovely squishy stuff and Ill have enough for mittens as well!
Theres two more(I think) but I havent taken pics yet
Must go, its bloody cold and I have to do something about dinner

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