Sunday, June 19, 2011

Still cold

Freaking hell, its getting cold,havent had time to get wood so unless my older boy and myself go out Im buying a load this week,at least Im putting my lovely warm jumpers to good use,the possum jumpers are super awesome,I should make  pair of mittens and socks with the last of it..
Ive been playing with my spindle this week again..I actually plyed the last lot,some South African Fine from Knittery Things in wonderful yellow through to brown and bright blue,just love it,only got around 346metres out of it and really wanted to do the Kvothe pattern,might try it and mod it somehow

I love the way the colour lined up on he skein holder! Now Im spinning BFL handdyed in delf blue through to mushroom,its drafting like a dream and hopefully enough for a pair of socks.I dyed it at least 3 years ago and its been sitting there all this time,I nearly destashed it but now the spindling has caught me Im taking it everywhere.I have another lot in rose pink and mushroom that Ill do after.I think Ill ply the blu with blue so the socka have blue toes fading into mushy legs.The pink I think Ill ply opposite s the barber pole thingy happens with the ends swaped.Im currently shoppinf for a couple

more spindles and one day Ill have a Golding....
Knitting wise Im done with the ribbing on one vest,6 inches on second,and shawl is getting bigger too!
Ill leave with another pic of the fluffy inhabitants
Dont look at the carpet lol it was Friday night and I work all week....

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