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Im reposting this to help a couple of people who have contacted me even though I didnt see their comments in this as somehow my editing of Blogger isnt up to scratch when fixing comment thingy,I be back to edit this to fix the problem I think people are having

Tea Cosy

Simple Cosy for a 3 to 4 cup Pot
Yarn: 1 ball Patons Jet
remnants of three colours(Cleckheaton Silk used here )
Needles: 5mm
RS-right side
WR-wrong side
YO- yarn over
SS-slip stitch
PSSO-pass slipped st over
Rib-K1 P1
Cast on 84 sts,work in basic 1x1 rib for 4 rows
Work Rib pattern 40 sts,cast off 4 sts,continue knitting on these 40 sts for 20 rows.
Break yarn and rejoin to other 40 sts and knit for 20 rows as for first half,knit across the first 40sts so there is a toal of 80 sts on needle keeping in rib pattern.
Knit in Rib pattern for 8 rows,then knit two together across row ,40 sts, Purl 2 together across row,20 st,knit 2 together again so ther are 10 sts left.Break yarn leaving enough yarn to draw up remaining sts.
Here you will start with 84sts at bottom,knit 44,turn,cast off 4 sts and continue knitting on that 40 sts to the top for 20 rows,break yarn return to other 40 sts and knit them for 20 rows,this will have the two lots at the same level,knit across all sts(80sts) and continue onto decrease.
I apologise for not making this clearer as I didnt realise it wasnt understandable!

Using wool needle, pass through these last sts and secure.

Decorate with knitted or croqueted flowers,pom poms,or a knitted cord(cast on a number of sts knit a row,cast off) that can be tied into a bow.Another sugestion,gather last sts with a ribbons of contrast colour and tie in bows.

Green leaf pattern:
Cast on three sts,
RS R1 Turn,K 1,YO,K1,YO,K1
WS R2 Purl all sts
RS R3 K 2,YO,K 1
WR R4 Purl
RS R5 K 2,SS,K1 PSSO,YO,K1,YO,K2 tg,K2 (7 sts)
Repeat last 2 rows 4 times,should have 6 lace"holes"
RS Knit 1,SS,K 2 tg,PSSO,K1.K 3 tg (5 sts)
WS P 1,P 2 tg,P 2tg,P1
RS K1,SS,K2 tg,PSSO,K1 (3 sts)
WS P 3 tg.
Using wool needle secure end of yarn by sewing into back of sts, Press and attach to cosy.
Flowers used are from Simply Knitting ,Issue No 16,June, 2006,not sure about year,but if you cant find it,any embellishment of knitted flower shapes woill be good


  1. Alison11:59 PM

    Hi Cathy - I LOVE this tea cosy and have just knitted the body of it and now need to do the flowers. Is there any chance you can put the pattern for the flowers on your blog, please? I haven't been able to find a similar pattern. It's a present for my son in Sydney whom I'm visiting (from NZ) next week.
    Many thanks.

  2. Hi Alison id love to help,if youre on Ravelry come and find me,"myfivesons"