Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feeling pretty good

Yep,Im nearly finished this weeks Uni assignment,lets see if I can get a week ahead this weekend so I can post the thing in the mail and not have to take Laptop with me and battle with that in week 9 when Im supposed to be travelling home
I finished the second half of the BFL in blue/mushroom that I started on the weekend,balled up first plied half but havent washed it yet,it looks awesome,I think Ill be knitting with 2.75 needles but will swatch first
Darn photos not up loading! Will try again! Nope blogger being a bad blogger tonight!
Back again for 3rd try,LOL
There 148.8m in one ball and 132.8m(sportweight) in the other hopefully enough for a pair of sock maybe aheaps of lace otherwise Ill dye a bit more up  ...And my rescued Bunny Taffy,fat bunny
Yes that is her bottom seen under my hand and the jumper is a Jo Sharp sweater I finished at Toodyay,5 years sitting there half sewn growing abit as I wear it but its gorgeously warm and I think a bit of a hot wash will tighten it up a bit,BTW its Merino Fur or Fur nMerino,I think a Naturally Yarn,love possum,awesome stuff

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