Saturday, November 24, 2012


A few things actually
VSW23...High Distinction,Im still a little unbelieving but its over and I start next one on Monday,again painting and self directed and funny enough actually looking forward to it,I think I'm hiding in the normality of study with the crappy side of family building behind me.
Another Shawl, I haven't photoed yet but will as soon as I can,very happy with it,took all of four days to complete which for me is very very good,"Travelling Woman", quite simple and I cant fathom why I was scared of it, four days to knit in Tanis Fibre Art Purple label, delicious stuff.

And last night I got to the last cast row of another shawl in Lang Silk something,it was two balls I picked up in Perth last may,so soft and silky,being a greeny olive color it was the only color I could go halfway into wearing at the CrossswaysWool in Subiaco but I think it will be good over a white shirt.

Theres no real Christmas party again for us this year, I'm missing the staff do as having to pay for all three of us to attend Son 4 graduation Dinner (in the past only the guests payed but this time its all), the staff do is going to be held at the newly reopened Pub and at $49 a head I reasoned hubby and I can go on our own when funds are better available.Yes I am being super caution re money,the mining industry at this time of the year usually means retrenchment and rewritten contracts,everyone is nervous. Im surprised my son even wants to attend, his experiences at this school haven't been good,his literacy is almost non existent and being made to stand and read in front of a class and then placed in a similar position recently  by a FIFO teacher,this time it lead to physical damage as well as mental  the teachers being supported which I find disagreeable a number of people are at fault and to add to it when I needed support as a staff member I was not offered anything,even when I was injured I was invisible and a non entity,it amused me to read the updates from the return to work program providers that "employers are doing their utmost to assist me",Huh?????? the whole thing was handled by my Doctor and myself, we and I made the decisions,free money for the providers with little or no effort and the Government out of pocket yet again.
More Lizard...
Isnt he gorgeous!!
Anyhow Vegie garden

Tomatoes and figs
Thats it for now,we have had a massive storm earlier flooding through town beautifully and now another is hitting...ta for now

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  1. Our figs are just starting to fruit as well. Hope the birds don't get to them before we do!

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