Sunday, November 04, 2012

Oh Sunday

where did you minute its Post Friday night then it pre Monday...
I cooked Italian bread for tea along with the usual snags and vegies, assisted Son 4 to cook choc chip banana muffins so we have enough for lunch boxes for three days
I'm about to iron Son 5 school shirts and the deal is he irons mine........ im also going to navajo ply bobbin of Churro and ball the merino Dream Top from Bilby Yarns in Perth so I can ply it,yep i talked about it before but tonight Im going to do it
it was quite warm this morning but by 11am it turned cool then cold,I went from shorts and Tee to jumper trackies and sneakers,with hand knitted socks of course
Got some study done but its all prac now well a bit of discussion work on various artist that I keep telling myself i ll do it today tonight
Anyhow I did this yesty
Still wet here but the texture of the a paper changed with the wetness and is beautiful, an artists interpretation of Lake Lefroy
And today Tilly did this

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  1. Tilly is as cute as a button!!!