Thursday, November 08, 2012

Nearly the end of the week

And I get to work on my own tomorrow with the "other' having RDO,I didnt take my last one,Im doing that next week along with a day or two extra to stay home and work on last Sub,i hope to have all the ground work done for it this weekend if weather turns out ok. Its not going to be nice out on the lake either if its hot but as long as its warmish and big bright blue skies it will be all good,

  • Spinning.. Im flying along with the last of the churro top from Ixchel fibres,navojo plying I hope will be enough for a sport weight pair of socks,Im curious how it knits up though Ive done a bit before, socks will be different.
  • Knitting..nearly finished the shawl out of the lace weight Wollmeise ,"Chim Chim Chimney", the pattern I cant remember but I think its this one and heres a beaut example

Mine will be a bright dark blue...............the yarn was a Lacegarn weight from the illustrious Wollmeise peoples but I got mine as a remnant of a total ball from a lovely destasher who I must find and let her know how I went!
Im hoping to get the first half Pretty in Pink done this weekend and start the other half
Also stalled on the memory scarf,busy with Wollmeise as I need needles for the Travelling Woman Shawl which I decided to use the Tannis Fibre cashmere fingering,too nice to wear on the feet seeing I have heaps of nice sock wool stashed away and cashmere is for the neck
This weeks been a strain,on the muscles I run at least 12 wheel barrow loads of red loam to top dress and mend several patches on the lawns,the arms are not too bad but today carrying two buckets of broken glass off the sports field thats like a desert anyway due to school and council arguing over who pays for upkeep, was an issue,the teens are having drunken parties out on the cricket pitch and the buggers used a brick to smash and grind the beer and whisky bottles into the said pitch and then kicked bits everywhere,took and hour to clean up,swear words abound...
Anyhow I must away to do some study but Ill leave you with little bee,not sure if hes an interloper or native

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