Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just a lizard

Isnt he a beauty,or she not sure yet, holding toes and tail off the hot sand which I was laying on to get these pics
he came right up my camera to catch a insect and wasnt fussed at me rolling over closer and closer to get a good pic
Ok Heres a shot of shawl too
Its come out much larger than I thought it would, I've immediatily started the Travelling woman and over half way through it too
Also finished spinning Falling Start from Ixchel Fibres,I got around 426 meters of Navajo plied quishiness, not sure whether to do another shawl or a poncho type thing,thought a poncho to show off the colors and maybe extend the meteridge by adding a simple lace to the majority of shoulder area
Last submission due tomorrow night so all go to finish it off in the morning and at 16MB I may have to use Yousendit this time

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