Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sunday all over....

How cool is this??? Very!! I have a sock knitting machine but need a month off work to fiddle with it lol
Windmill knitting

''  accessed 23/02/2014
I so want one of these unique scarves,might keep in mind for my birthday this year
My computer is in its death throes,the hard drive is about to cark it and sending warning more and more,resident techie transfered everything to another spare one that will become my back up later when the new one arrives,I tried to follow how he went through the procedure and I think I could do it with guidence next time,he thought it was a bug at first but had to a gree that no its buggered...we were so busy and have been for a long time so time wasnt with with us for him to talk me through,at least we arent divorced,he sisnt known for patience....
This is still on my mind too, in the color way Img_8215_small2 shown here photo credit to Kelly Kingston
I would like to use Noro taiyo in the lace but teh cotton content worries me due to pain in wrists etc but the finished item would be totally worth it.
3rd of March it looms...Drawing A starts and Im sort looking forwad to structured days and night again but not the utter exhaustion that comes with late nights of study,I hpe to get into the VD stuff very smartly,artist reveiws as soon as so the practical side can be done on days off and weekends..I will miss the choice of nipping into Kal for a coffee.
My computer is going out fast so enjoying surfing while I can....


  1. Oh no, we are so dependent on our computers, it is a major crisis when one dies!! Oh, how exciting, a sock machine, That scarf is great!!

  2. That windmill knitting is amazing!