Saturday, February 08, 2014

Ok,yes changed things a bit more

"Just Me",the other Blog, I was enjoying that one so when I got locked out again (for apparently I cant have both) Ive come back here and revamped,Whatcha think!!!! Huh??
Ill continue prattling on and repost some pics so it seems not so weird and see how we go,lol.
I miss this dreafully,all the boys are getting close to six foot so with my little Kia and Hubbys Jimny,we cant go anywhere much less out bush....Ill be looking for another 100 series later after Ive paid The Rio off,there ll be some around for around $15 to 20 grand,not that I want to go into debt again but it does allow us to do stuff again.
The new offsider is one of those people put here to test our faith in God, Ive always been told I am a very patient person but this one stretches the elastic band of sanity and its thinking of the above that will keep me on the straight and narrow though the CBX500 may be in the running being so much cheaper,ah the bucket is hanging,its not realy ful,in fact not even a third full but maybe that will mean Ill have more chance of pulling some out in the next few years


  1. Hi Cathy. Another camping fan here. Basic out in the bush type stuff. we also camped for many months when we bought 40 acres near Cessnock in NSW while we built. Even in a house, life was fairly primitive till we got power on. Love camping.

    I don't know why you have trouble with Blogspot. I have several blogs, no problems being locked out at all.

  2. No idea either but this blog is maintained by a Gmail and the other by a live email,havent had time to suss out the problem,it does say I cant have two accounts open at teh same time but cant access the live mail one lol

  3. Oh I mean tto add,the second blog was set up separatley to this one so isnt part of teh dash board list,two identities lterally I might see if i transfer one day when I have time

  4. The internet is unfathomable sometimes and I have lost my book where I write down passwords. Oh dear. I know it is in the house somewhere. I am not a happy camper, I am a day trip camper. Not even glamping tempts me!!

  5. I surley know how you feel,i got locked out this one even though I was using right password,it wouldnt send code to phone,I tried one too many times

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