Friday, June 15, 2007


PHOTOS AT BOTTOM "KITCHEN"...........................
I havent had the time nor head space to post this week,the combination of Hubbys Kitchen do over and the fact Ive given myself a deadline of Wednesday night to complete not one but THREE jumpers so I may take them on my trip,leaving 8.10 am WST from Kal!
These are a jumper from Jo Sharps Contempory Knitting,knitted in maroon Merino and Fur,
The famous (at least in my house) Central Park Hoodie in Aran Denim Blue!
And a V-Neck sweater that originally was intended for Hubby from Creative Knitting at least 3 years ago again in Merino n Fur,dk Blue,...... Hubby gained some, ahem, size! ....and its now going to be my comfy over jeans with a white tee under style of thing! Though I suspect I may be fighting with Son No 2 for possesion,(Its nice that at least one of the teens thinks a handknit is cool!)
I have to post pictures later,Son No 1 has absconded with my camera!
I solved the dilemma with the BFL that I mucked up last weekend and plied the remainder in the Navajo fashion and am very pleased with it.I really want to spin a bit more up (heavons knows I have enough of it around and Im geting more!!!!!!!!!!)
I recieved some absolutely gorgeous stuff from Yarnivorous whoes trying gamely to stay calm in her BIG Move!
And of course Ewe Give Me The Knits, Mandie,....Good Morning!!!!.... sent over some dyes I want to try and the long awaited Wild Fibres, Mandie you have so many goodies in store,its hard to resist!!!!!
Any way Im are waiting for This computor and hubbys asleep,kept us awake last night drilling holes in the kitchen walls to hang the wall cupboard so hes knackered poor thing!, so I cant access my own computor!!!
Will return with photos later...I hope....

I have some photos.....

Half done,with the sink and laundry end to go!

See the pantry?

See the lift up door for microwave?(above me!)
And the man himself who has been slaving away all week to get this big project as close to finished as possible so I could see it before I leave next friday!!
Here you can see the above doors,I had to have them when we visited the showroom in Perth!!
The pantry is a God send...........still heaps to like tiling etc but we're getting there,considering houses are hitting the $300,000 we need to get things done.......
On the Knitting side I have to finish the hood and sew sleeves on it and the other two,so I should get there!
I have a close friend who is expecting a buddle of joy in about 6months, and I would like to knit a baby blanket as a surprise,it will be an heirloom style one with an easily memorised pattern as I need to be able to knit it quickly(read that Im brain dead each night during the week)
Anyone have any pointers? I know there is wool shop in Dubbo so will have alook there as well,my LWS is great but I rarely get to see other shops and often they have different stock etc!


  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Good Morning!!
    I noticed that you'd been quiet and figured you'd be busy dealing with life around a kitchen installation - are you on the home stretch yet? Sending calming vibes your way! Glad that your EGMTK! goodies arrived, looking forward to seeing the results from your dyepots :-)

  2. Good Morning from Norway!! Definitely know about home renovations and how much time they steal from a normal life - I've just finally started blog additions myself. Would LOVE to see the sweater when it's finished!! LOVE with extra big capital letters. :) - N.

  3. Anonymous8:37 AM

    OMG! It's the benchtop colour. You won't know yourself with that pantry!
    Tell Bill that he's very clever :-)

  4. Looks so great!! I think you're going to love your new life in your new kitchen!! :) Can almost smell the delicious future cookings all the way from here. - N

  5. Kitchen looks fab, the dyeing is gorgeous (as usual!) and you have a very handsome family. Have a great trip - don't know about rain in Dubbo but my hubby has just gone to Newcastle to help out there (he didn't go last week 'cos he'd just come home from a week in Sydney). You deserve the break, so enjoy it!!