Saturday, June 02, 2007

House wrecking

Well this is a long weekend and everyone knows long weekends are for HOUSE RNOVATIONS,dust and crap everywhere (in kitchen)

Its a cold dampish day(Hopefully the sun will appearsometime today?) and a *%#* great gap in the outside wall where hopefully H will rebrick today? and as soon as the cement is off enough the NEW WINDOW can go in...

The Kitchen is due this week from Perth and its going to be mayhem all week.....
On the knitting front, H's BFL sock is finished and another started,its the lovelyest sock i have ever felt,soft and warm fuzzy fuzzy to touch!

In a fit of boredom,I forgot to take lunchtime knitting,disaster!!!! Anyway I had a ball of Patons Bluebell that I had been using to mend a friends Pops cardy and 2 x 2.25 needles(dont ask where the others were!) and off I went,by the next day(I knitted at home too,couldnt put it down) this is what I had! The cables I threw in, as Id seen something similiar on the net and loving cables,off I went purely on memory,might I add! Rather pleased with myself!!!! Only fault so far I think its about 5 rows too long in the foot length,but who cares it saved the day and I learnt a bit on the way!!!!


  1. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Oh lawdy...RENOVATIONS! Speaking from experience luvvy, it helps to breathe deeply and remove yourself from the general area if at all possible!
    I'm sure it'll be worth the pain when it's all's just getting there that's the problem!!

  2. That's the loveliest sock I've seen in sometime!