Thursday, May 24, 2007


Sick,sick sick...............
I ve been down with the kids bug for three days now,fortunately i was able to go to the Docs and get one of those sick Certs for the boss on Wednesday,miserable as I was it was worth it.I will be back at work on Monday and I hope with fingers crossed it doesnt affect my application for this position in August.
The Doctor was understanding when I told him the conditions of my job,starting work in very low temperatures that if I went back a bit earlier may casue this bug to hang around(2' this week,brrrr) I dread old age as a simple cold can lay me out for days and lingering effects for weeks, now whats it going to like then.He laughed when I told him............
Anyway Im feeling a lot better today and am sort wishing for a nice thick steak Sambo,Hubby was going into Kal to pick up some bricks to start filling in the laundry door so he could put the new window in as soon as the council got their finger out and approve our renos.Lunch was on the agenda....He was real keen on me coming too...
However He told me a short while ago, he wasnt going in til later(the truck might be in at 2) so there goes my sambo as I think the youngest boy is coming down with this bug too and may need picking up.I would have like to get into town early and out(I really wanted to get to the wool shop to get a couple of sets of needles for the Fuzzy Feet project,shhhhh) the sambo was a extra yummy,alas.....Im putting weight anyway...
Now Ive been fiddling around trying to work out how other knitting bloggers have been able to put up on their blogs items such as items finished,% completed and catorgizing their links,eg Shops,patterns fav blogs etc.Ive put in my template as a heading on the blog list My Favourite Peoples but it never came up and I couldnt really be bothered going back in.
Now Ive set another blog and its come up as the new style one(I actually worked out how to put a picture in the header,gasp) but Im not game to transfer this one over as Im dont know how much of my old settings Ill loose,Has anyone else gone through this?
If you have, how did you transfer any old stuff?
I presume Id be losing my favourite links etc ....hmmmm I may attempt it later when I have some more brain power...But if anyone can offer some advice from their experiences ,I would be grateful,
Now Im off to try some of EGMTK dyes she sent over on some BFL...Stay tuned for pictures!
PS ive joined this
And found this ,theres a couple of funny videos(found it on Bloggers help pages this morning) Roll down to the videos,a comic or two on the way.....


  1. Awwww I'm sorry you're feeling yucky - sending you get well wishes from over this side of the country!
    The back issue of Wild Fibers has arrived (YAY!!) will pop it in the mail to you on Monday :-)
    Take it easy :-)

  2. I hope you feel better soon! Regarding new blog switchovers, I'd definitely reccommend WordPress -- they'll switch you over literally at the press of a button, and have lots of different tempates and styles that are easy to use. The only warning I'd give is that it uses HTML tags for text formatting (like italics), but that's really quite easy to learn. Whatever you do, best of luck!

    ps. I'm still jealous of your magazines over there -"Wild Fibers" and "Yarn", oh my!

  3. Eww! Get better, and stay warm!

  4. Hope you're feeling a lot better by now. :o)

    I'm looking forward to hearing about the BFL.