Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sunday Knitting

The day has started cold with a bit misty effects with a light wind ,that to sit close to BH to block it out was lovely as we sat and cheered the U 13s on during the only Kambalda game for the day!

I started that friends sock in a stripey blue and pink that I wasnt really sure of but after getting through to row 20 it was looking ok! Now i know the last pair I did for this person became her savior with the cold nights and the even colder house they were living in ,sitting on a little 2 bar heater huddled together(nice to be young and no kids!).

That pair of socks Kate has by the sounds of it are worn lovingly thin, mind you if she had known the effort that went into making them,she may not have used them as SLIPPERS! So this pair are the super quick and boringly easy stocking st type that just fly off the needles!

Now Im going to work out the pattern and post it as I used aran or ten ply yarn that i dyed some time ago.It started out as Clinker Yarn from KMart which I beleive Rachel managed to score quite a few on special.I managed to get a few but mostly in black as I had grand plans to make vests for my two youngest boys,last winter (how ambarrassingly behind is that) anyway i discovered after that, it was 10 ply!!!!! and now have to work out the pattern anyway.This also haulted any sock making until now. Im so far pleased with it and not being too coarse ,its knitting up fairly quickly and Im up the heeel,Yippee.

Now I would have gotten past that as it only took about 20 mins to knit the leg but unfortunately my son Pat was dealt a nasty blow to the face towards the last few mins of game! A quick trip to the Kal Hospital resulted in going back home to our local nursing station because we would have been stuck waiting in emergency for up to 2 hours . Being only 35mins from home it made sense to do that, as there was in all probability, no waiting line!

As it was, he sustained a deep gash to his left eyebrow(seems to be an awful lot of fatty tissue in that spot!) When we got back there the duty nurse informed us that both resident doctors were in Perth,heaven help anyone if there was major mine accident! Pat was given gas to ease the pain while it was glued back together as she couldnt stitch it herself. Well , Ive had gas a few times while in labour bringing these beautiful boys into the world but by jingoes,Pat got better value than me!!!! he was as high as a kite!!!!!!!!!!! The Nurse and myself giggled with him,it was so funny!

Apart from a bit of a sore face hes doing OK and is villified in knowing that the other player was in trouble for an apparent illegal stick action but the whole team sent their whole hearted apollagies etc but at least I was able to get half a sock done!!!!!!!!!

I have this wool dyed also in what I called a Galah colourway as it supposed to be purple and pink but the colour didnt blend so it came out a funny grey silvery effect with pink and white.Now I think I will do up socks for me in the future of course.
Im after the soles that I saw on Ebay where you sew them onto the bottom of the socks so the soles are protected.i could cut them out of thin leather myself but I would love to do the precut ones.The moccasun (It that spelt right?) bottoms on thick socks would be great as I couldnt find slippers for the two younger boys and having all that stash meant it was gong to good use as well! the only other thing I can think of is to contact the sheep skin (Searched slipper socks on google) people in NZ to see if i can buy a few off them! Hmmm I might have another look around.....

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  1. Looks like you have a nice knitting project to work on. Those are sure going to be colorful socks!

    Visiting for Green Thumb Sunday.