Monday, May 14, 2007

freak out!!!!!!!!

Son number One has his PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP's
I now lay in bed and listen like so many other Mums to the sound of their baby coming home!
He got them Friday and went out that night to get used to being a sole driver and got tagged by the local Constabulatory,they followed him all over town but he was a good boy and didnt do anything to attract anymore than alook!
We have a new Sargent in town and hes very busy catching everyone........
We find out this week if Son1 is lucky to land a Boiler maker Aprenticeship.A fello worker/friend of mine has put in a good word for him at her partners workplace and they interested .Now the second part of being a Mum,hope he does and says the right thing to get it ! hes been so bored at current place of work,at that age they have yet to learn patience and tolerance,well being called aF@#*@ Retard doesnt help.........
i shall endevour to add a some knitting piccies shortly but DH has arrived home with some goodies for the house.......
Current list of Knitting!
  • Central park Hoodie
  • Soxs for Mum,one to go
  • soxs for moir,one to go
  • soxs for friend going on european holiday
  • two jumpers ,me and DH,sew up
  • cotton bolero,adjust stupid sleeve height, nearly done
  • a pair of fetching for a dear friend

If I get into it I could finish these in the next month easy,then I can start the Jo Sharp cabled cardie in a lovely soft but thick Ultra yarn in the colour "Fleece?",cant remeber what its called but Random Knits bought some very well priced yarn from this seller on Ebay so I couldnt help myself and had asticky beeck and wouldnt you know there was the gorgeous yarn I need to make this wrap cardigan in one of JS books from late '06? I will come back with all details later...................


  1. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Congratulations to #1 son for getting his licence! Fingers crossed foe the Apprenticeship :-)
    Your knitting list puts me to shame......!

  2. I second Mandie's sentiments, for both your son and your knitting.
    Also, what is/are fetching?