Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Oh I love getting parcels, though DH is miffed as he was expecting more computor bits!!!

I give you.....

Cascade 220 in Raspberry from Yarns Online,its simply lovely, the colour! These are destined for Fuzzy feet,theres three skeins which Im going to share with my friend Kym who Im going to teach to knit a sock,(and as she loves slipper socks after I did a toe up one for her a while ago) this will be perfect opportunity t show the basic construction!!!

And here is the truely colourful Citrine from Yarnivorius herself, handspun of course,Im thinking those Fetching agian but may try a different finger mitten yet,the colour is unbeleivable!

And Socks That Rock from Lynnes stash,I think I very nearly broke the keyboard getting to the email page to ask for it when she first offered it!I seen this wool often and now I have skein for for meeeee!

Anyway I ve decided to join the STR Club next intake if I can,thee are too many delicious(love that word!) colours out there in the Club Members Blogs now.....

Remember the socks from the weekend? this is an update....

The first was finished by night fall Monday,I did a bit here and there through the day.The second I started at Smoko this morning with Lunch time thrown in,(I did have an extra tea break as the Darling boys have given me their lovely bug so dizzy spells have been the order of the day) In the last photo you can see the slip st Ive carried down the foot and its worked out very well.The recipient will be pleased I think!!!!


  1. Anonymous6:14 AM

    I have my name down to join the Socks that Rock Club next year too. One would hope by then that I will be able to knit socks!!
    How is your baby's face? Hope he's feeling better :-)

  2. I LOVE that Galah yarn you dyed. The other stuff fromt he parcel was lovely too, but nothing quite beats knitting with stuff you have dyed yourself, does it! I am currently knitting my SIL a scarf out of wool I dyed last year in the most luscious purples and blues and pinks, will post a picture when it's finished (which sadly will NOT be for her birthday on Saturday as I figure I will only be a quarter of the way through it by then!)

    Hope the poor boy's eyebrow is OK. My DD cut her left eyebrow open when she was 5 and you can still see the scar, but it just looks interesting, not ugly. That was glued together too. It bled copiously but she wasn't given any gas!

  3. Love the Galah yarn, well done. I haven't tried dyeing yet.
    Hmm, the Socks That Rock Club?? I haven't heard of it, but I'm really into knitting socks these days.